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HomeStuff is a software product that will assist you with keeping...

HomeStuff is a software product that will assist you with keeping track of your personal assets such as the contents of your home, rental or condominium, contents of your recreational vehicle, music collections of any kind, coin collections, stamp collections, even home improvements!

HomeStuff will work with you to keep records of how much you paid for each item, assess how much it would cost to replace your valuables, keep digital photos and scans of your receipts, keep track of where your items are, keep records and notes about warranties, and much more.

There are several scenarios where HomeStuff can be a valuable tool for youand your family:Theft - If you are insured against theft, HomeStuff can provide you with alist of items classified as item categories like jewelry, electronics, coinsor any other category you think you should manage.

This application willprovide you with a listing by category with pictures and receipts you canpresent to your insurance company. Fire - If you encounter fire damage in one room or other parts of yourproperty, the application gives you the ability of reporting on asub-location such as "Master Bedroom", Garage or "Living Room".

You can callany sub-location by whatever name is appropriateLost Luggage - You may keep track of the valuables you carry of any number ofsuitcases.

All you need to do is recall these valuables and relocate them ina new sublocation such as "John's big case". Second home - Want to keep track of two homes and or the contents of your caror recreational vehicle?

HomeStuff will let you keep it all separate withthe ability of assessing the value of any location or your complete value ofall your assets. Warranties - You bought that plasma TV last year and you wonder if you canstill have the shop repair it under your warranty.

Instead of digging out thereceipts and certificates from a lost shoe box or filing cabinet, why notjust look it up in HomeStuff, print your copy of the receipt and call yourrepair shop with the information you have?

Why should you consider HomeStuff? There are many personal banking software packages out there that may appearto have the ability to track your personal assets.

You spend an enormousamount of time entering your personal assets into these packages only torealize that they don't do enough to be a practical solution.

After all,these packages are financial applications not Personal Asset Managers likeHomeStuff. HomeStuff is all about Personal Asset Management and NOTHING ELSE!



HomeStuff 1.22

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